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Orange Tree Secure

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What is Orange Tree Secure

Designed by us with the needs of our clients in mind Orange Tree Secure is a simple to use online document management system. It provides our clients with the ability to access and control vital documents at anytime, from just about anywhere. The browser based system gives duty holders the tools needed to fully manage their compliance documentation with the ability to view, print, search, update, and upload information via any PC or Smartphone with an internet connection.

Why do we need it?

For convenience and for security. Every Duty Holder as the legal responsibility to ensure compliance records such as electrical installation condition reports or portable appliance testing reports are kept up to date, and stored in a safe location throughout the life of the system or equipment. These types of records must be available for reference during future inspections or if required during health and safety audits and inspections. Orange Tree Secure means duty holders can rest safe in the knowledge that all their compliance documents are safe, secure, accessible at anytime, stored together a single location, up to date and can't be lost or misplaced and even against flood or fire.

Is it complicated?

No, it's very simple to use and no more complicated than navigating around the files on a standard PC through any standard browser or explorer application.

In fact it has the huge potential to make your working life much more efficient. Especially if you work on a larger or multiple sites and here are some reasons why.

  • Save time looking for documents that have been lost or misplaced.
  • Customisable to suit your specific needs.
  • Access documents from any PC or Smartphone with an internet connection.
  • Upload previous test records or other compliance records such as Gas Safety Certificates etc to give you wider control.
  • Document history to help demonstrate ongoing and continued maintenance. Every time a document is updated the previous version remains available for future reference.
  • Share records between sites or with colleagues
  • Email alerts and update notices.
  • Reports issued daily following site inspections - Our inspectors input the data whilst on site with tablet PC's and upload the reports as inspections and tests are completed. This means no long delays or chasing contractors for finished reports.
  • Off site hosting meaning records cannot be lost or destroyed.
  • No special software or training required.
How much does Orange Tree Secure cost to use?

This service is available at no extra charge to all our new and existing customers. All our reports and drawings are now issued via our Orange Tree Secure as standard. We understand that some customers prefer reports and drawings only to be issued in hard copy format and this is available on request.

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