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Portable Appliance Testing

Portable and hand held electrical appliances which are regularly used in the workplace can become damaged or suffer from increased wear and tear due to many factors such as extended use, the environment they are used in or quite simply misuse. Fortunately most businesses now recognise the requirement for formal routine inspections in the form of portable appliance testing to ensure that plant and equipment is safe for employees to use. Ironically however the rise in popularity of this service has led to an overly competitive market which can affect quality and safety as companies struggle to compete.

The Devil is in The Details.

The full process of portable appliance testing is more involved than some people may think and many things should be carefully considered before undertaking it such as

Full Compliance

There are numerous areas of legislation which cover the use and maintenance of electrical appliances in the workplace such as The Electricity at Work Regulations, The Provision and User of Work Equipment Regulations, The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations and of course the Health & Safety at Work Act. All of these must be considered in order to fully satisfy your statutory duties.

Routine Inspections

All appliances will eventually suffer from damage or wear and tear, this may be over a period of many years but the only way to demonstrate that any given appliance is safe for continued service is to undertake regular user checks and routine formal inspection and tests.

Accurate Records

Following a formal inspection accurate and detailed records must be provided and maintained for future reference. This is the documented evidence that proves you are working towards compliance with your statutory duties. These records will also help to properly manage the electrical plant on your site and keep track of re-test dates.

Competent Testers

Electrical safety is at the heart of this process and only people who have adequate electrical knowledge, training and experience should be involved in assessing electrical equipment for safe and continued service.

Contractor Selection

Managers and duty holders have a legal duty to ensure that any persons, including contractors, engaging in work on their site are competent and can undertake such work in a safe manner. Vetting contractors technical ability, safety records, evidence of training, sample documentation and insurance details are obvious and simple items to check prior to allowing contractors to work on your site.

Can you Afford to Compromise on Safety?

As a specialist provider of electrical inspection and testing services Orange Tree Electrical provide a portable appliance testing service that is worth paying for.

Our Portable Appliance Testing Service provides complete management of the appliances on your site including: -

  • Identification & safety labels with Pass or Fail indication.
  • Risk assessment advice.
  • Prompt re-test reminders keeping you up to date.
  • Detailed inspections and tests in accordance with approved code of practice.
  • Detailed and accurate documentation which is available 24/7 via our Orange Tree Secure web based document management system.
  • Fully Trained & Professional Inspectors.
  • Free minor repairs

We only use highly experienced and properly trained engineers who are paid by the hour and not per item.

We offer some minor repairs at no extra cost and can undertake other repairs at the clients request. All our reports and certificates are included in our quotations.

Be aware some companies charge lower prices for each item tested but often charge additional extras such as a charge to release certificates following the inspection or expensive repair charges. It is also not recommended to employ companies who pay inspecting engineer per item as this can lead to inspections be rushed and quality compromised.

An engineer who inspects and tests portable appliance can only reasonable be expected to test a certain number of items per day. Consider the effort involved and the cost of things such as transport, fuel, tax, wages, insurance, time to prepare reports, site logistics and locating appliances, site inductions and of course time spent inspecting, testing and documenting each item. If the rate you have been quoted is cheap then estimate how many items an inspector must test every single day to cover all the costs mentioned. How much time is then allocated to inspecting and testing each individual item?


Whilst we have made every effort to provide accurate costs, the below rates are for guidance only, every site is unique and as such must be quoted individually.

0-20 Miles from Pontefract
Items Cost
0-50 £65.00 Minimum Call Out Charge
51-500 £1.20 Per Item
501-1000 £1.15 Per Item
1000+ £1.10 Per Item
20-40 Miles from Pontefract
Items Cost
0-50 £78.00 Minimum Call Out Charge
51-500 £1.30 Per Item
501-1000 £1.25 Per Item
1000+ £1.20 Per Item
40+ Mile from Pontefract

Prices available on request – We can provide PAT testing nationwide.

Prices are quoted excluding VAT

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