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Electrical Inspection & Testing, Condition Reports and Electrical Network Drawings Packages.

Most things deteriorate with time and suffer from damage or wear and tear the more they are used. Electrical systems are no exception to this rule and many factors can have adverse affects on electrical systems such as environmental issues, misuse, damage, ageing, excessive electrical loading, wear, tear, poor maintenance or corrosion to name just a few. When components of electrical systems fail they can become dangerous and pose a serious risk to persons using the installation. There are many instances when failed components in electrical systems can only be detected by undertaking vigorous electrical testing.

To help you identify some basic warning signs take a look out guide to identifying danger.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the subject of electrical inspection and testing and so we have complied a questions and answer section to help dispel some of them.

The Orange Tree Way.

If you have decided that you need the assistance of a competent and specialist provider of electrical inspection and testing services then this is how we can help.

Orange Tree Electrical offer a complete package of electrical inspection and testing services which are tailored to suit the demands of your site and provides you with everything which is required to keep your business compliant and running safely.

Visual Inspections - The majority of common electrical defects can be identified with the naked eye. A routine visual inspection of your electrical installation will provide a valuable insight into its integrity, safety and suitability.

We use highly trained and experienced electrical inspectors who know exactly where to look to help uncover and assess your electrical system.

Comprehensive Electrical Testing - In order to accurately determine vital characteristics of electrical systems specialist tests using precision measuring equipment is required. RCD Trip times, insulation resistance and continuity of conductors etc cannot be properly assessed without undertaking the relevant electrical tests.

We supply our expert electrical inspectors with the latest precision test equipment and follow approved codes of practices such as BS7671 and the IET guidance note 3 on electrical inspection and testing. Our regimented tested procedures ensure that your electrical system is operating as required and is safe for continued service.

Condition Reports - The whole basis of undertaking an electrical inspection and testing is to identify any existing issues and ascertain the overall condition of the electrical system. This information should be provided in the form of a electrical installation condition report.

All the information and data gathered during the inspection and testing stage is instantly recorded on site using tablet pc's and uploaded to our Orange Tree Secure web based report management service. This service means our clients can access their reports as the work progresses on site and therefore eliminates possible delays or the need to chase contractors for completed reports. Our bespoke reports have been designed with the end user in mind and they are easy to use, easy to understand and offer many benefits over industry standard reports. The full report contains information and guidance for users of the installation, schedules of items inspected and tested, details of any observations or defects and other helpful information.

Any defects identified by the inspection and testing are fully documented, referenced against BS7671 and categorised according to severity and risk of danger. If a defect is identified which poses an immediate risk of danger to the users of the installation our electrical inspectors will provide immediate written notification whilst on site.

Electrical Network Drawings - Electrical systems must be clearly identified and referenced to assist with safe isolation and prevent danger. Electrical Network Drawings are also an essential maintenance tool and allow users of the system to better manage and control it. They can be invaluable when additions or alterations need to be made.

We can produce detailed diagrams of your electrical system plotting out the electrical distribution network from source of supply to each individual distribution board or other relevant items. This process would also typically include a solid labelling system so each individual item of distribution equipment can be cross referenced to the drawings. We can also create "as-fitted" drawings and a number of other drawing services to suit your demands.

Sample Testing - This is a recognised form of continuous monitoring which can represents a cost saving to the customer. However in order to maintain full compliance with statutory duties it can only be undertaken in the correct circumstances. Sample testing is a risk based assessment and relies firmly on consultation with previous records. The results obtained during sample testing need to be compared to those measured in previous tests in order to assess deterioration. Therefore if complete and accurate records are not available then sample testing is not suitable at that stage.

Where a customer is already in possession of accurate records and documentation from previous inspections then sample testing may be suitable. Undertaking sample testing on a site which does not already have documented evidence of previous inspections will not fully satisfy its legal obligations and therefore we would not recommend sample testing in these circumstance. However, we would advise that partial compliance or working towards full compliance is the preferred option over doing nothing.

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