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CAD and Drawing Services

Accurate and well presented schematic or building services drawings can be an invaluable resource for people involved in maintenance or installation work. A great deal of time and effort can be saved when trying to locate or isolate building services and that means things get done faster and more efficiently.

Our engineering pedigree and professional draughtsmen means we can provide a wide range of drawing to suit a number of applications.

  • As-Fitted Drawings
  • Site Layout Drawings
  • Location Drawings
  • Electrical Distribution Network Drawings
  • Schematic & Technical or Wiring Drawings
  • Motor Control Circuit Drawings

If you have decided that you need the assistance of a competent and specialist provider of electrical inspection and testing services then this is how we can help.

Orange Tree Electrical offer a complete package of electrical inspection and testing services which are tailored to suit the demands of your site and provides you with everything which is required to keep your business compliant and running safely.

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